Sedgwick County ranchers ask for help finding 50 escaped calves

A vehicle hit one Friday morning

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. - UPDATE:  Sherryl Simon reported Friday afternoon that she and her husband, Steve, have recovered 28 head of cattle that escaped through a damaged gate near 61st Street North and Ridge Road. They are still looking for 31 head of cattle. 


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A KFDI listener wants your help finding escaped cattle.

Sherryl Simon said she and her husband, Steve, are trying to find around 50 head of beef calves that escaped through a bent gate near 61st St N and Ridge Road. Sherryl said a vehicle struck one of the calves near 73rd St N and Ridge Road around 5 Friday morning.

The calves have a brand on their right hip that Sherryl described as "An 'S' with a check mark under it." The steer calves have black ear tags, and the heifers have white ear tags.

If you see any of the loose cattle in northwest Sedgwick County, Sheryll asks that you call police and then call her or her husband. 

Sherryl said every gate on the property had chains except for one gate in a corner. She said she thinks something spooked the calves, and they were able to hit the gate hard enough to bend it open.

Sherryl said 20 or so calves were seen headed to the big ditch west of Valley Center and some were seen south of the Arkansas River. 

If you see any of the calves, you can reach Sheryll Simon at (316)680-6018. You can reach Steve Simon at (316)680-6017.

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