Sheriff's Office warns of phone scam

A caller usually claims you've missed jury duty.

WICHITA, Kan. - The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office has received reports of a phone scam making the rounds again. 

A caller claims to be with the Sheriff's Office and will either ask for donations or demand payment for a fine. The fine is usually tied to claims of a warrant, or a claim that you've missed jury duty. 

The Sheriff's Office does not ask for fines to be paid over the phone. You're asked to keep from giving out personal information to anyone who calls you unexpectedly. Someone asking for payment with a gift card or prepaid card should tip you off that something isn't right. 

If you get a call and want to verify if it is legitimate, you can hang up and call the Sheriff's Office yourself. Dialing 316-660-3880 will put you in contact with the real Sheriff's Office so you can find out if you actually have a fine. 

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