Update: Student arrested after reports of gun at central Kansas school

Police searched Stafford High School for the gun


A high school student in central Kansas was arrested after a gun was brought to school, report our news partners at KWCH. 

Students at Stafford High School got out of class early Thursday while law enforcement swept the school for the stolen gun.

Police say they tore the school apart and, while they didn't find a gun, officers are confident there is no gun in the building anymore. A police officer will be on campus Friday, the department says, to "put minds at ease."

The Stafford Police Chief said the arrest Thursday was related to the total incident at the school, but not necessarily related to the gun.

The Stafford Police Department released the following statement on Facebook:



The Stafford School District, USD 349, canceled the rest of Thursday's activities and sent students home. 

A message from Stafford police says there were reports that a gun was possibly in the school, and the building would be closed so it could be searched. 

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