State board rejects challenge to Kobach

An activist claimed ballots were not counted

An all-Republican state board has rejected a liberal activist's challenge to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach appearing on the November ballot as the GOP nominee for governor. 

The State Objections Board concluded Monday that Davis Hammet of Topeka could not show that Kobach's narrow victory over Gov. Jeff Colyer in the Republican primary in August would be overturned because of issues Hammet raised. Hammet argued hundreds of legal ballots were not counted. 

Kobach defeated Governor Jeff Colyer by 343 votes out of more than 317,000 cast. 

The board was Kobach's top deputy and representatives of the lieutenant governor and attorney general. Hammet called it a "ridiculous board" needing reform. He did not rule out filing a lawsuit. 

Hammet leads the voting-rights group Loud Light and regularly criticizes Republicans. 

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