Suspect identified in officer involved shooting

A police dog was also killed.

The man fatally shot by Wichita police Saturday night, is identified as 25-year-old Kevin Perry. 
Officers were called to a mobile home in the 2300 block of East MacArthur, after Perry was accused of pointing a gun at a woman, threatening to kill her and himself. While talking with police, the woman said she was also held inside the home. 
As police were coming up with a plan, Perry came outside with his hands up, but put his hands down and started to go back inside. According to Police Chief, Gordon Ramsay, it wasn't clear if anyone else was inside, or if there were weapons, so the police dog was used to keep Perry from leaving. 
After Perry was bitten in the leg, he pulled a gun from his waistband and fired, and is believed to have fatally shot the dog. Officers reportedly did not know that Perry had a gun on him when the canine was sent in, otherwise the dog would not have been used.
Two officers saw Perry pull the gun, and fired at him at the same time he allegedly shot the dog. Both officers are on administrative leave.
Perry was taken to a hospital where he died a short time later. 
Chief Ramsay says he has seen a couple videos of the incident, but they are not being released at the moment. Some still photos should be released Monday.
The police canine that was killed was named Rooster. He had a vest that may have protected him from being shot, but they are too heavy to leave on the dogs constantly. Police say the situation Saturday night happened so fast that there was no time to get the vest on Rooster before sending him to grab Perry. This is the first time one of Wichita's police dogs has been killed.
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