Trump says new immigration order due next week

He says policy will allow minors a temporary stay

President Donald Trump says his administration will release a new executive order on immigration next week to in his words ``comprehensively protect our country.''

Trump's original order restricted immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. It led to massive protests and was put on hold by a federal appeals court.

Trump says the rollout of that order was ``very smooth'' and ``perfect'' but that it ran into ``a bad court.'' He says he wanted to delay the effective date of the order for a month or so, but that he was advised by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly not to do that because it would give people with bad intent time to flow into the country.

Trump says the new order is being tailored to satisfy the ruling from the San Francisco appeals court.

He did not reveal any specifics of the new order, but says it will be issued next week.


President Trump says he is tailoring his executive order over the policy to allow undocumented minors to stay temporarily in the U.S. to a decision handed down by the courts.

The president said Thursday he is going to ``deal with DACA with heart.''

DACA allows young adults to get work permits and Social Security numbers and protects them from deportation.

Ending DACA is part of the president's broader plan to crack down on illegal immigration, which was a cornerstone of his campaign. Trump says he'll focus his efforts on those in the country illegally who have criminal records.

Trump says he needs to convince politicians that ``what I am saying is right.''

He says he has the ``best lawyers'' working on DACA now and the ``new executive order is being tailored to the decision we got from the court.''



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