Westar Energy warns customers about a scam

Scammers call demanding payment

Westar Energy is warning its' customers about a scam happening in relation to the payment of electric bills. They said several customers have reported recent suspicious phone calls. 

The electric company says that these callers can manipulate caller ID to make it look like Westar is calling, and they demand payment on pre-paid cards. They also try to convince people that their electric service will be turned off if payment is not made immediately.

"Scammers create a sense of urgency to get customers to act quickly rather than allowing them time to check their account," says Gina Penzig, manager, media communications. "We will never require a pre-paid card for payment. Also, we notify customers multiple times in advance if service may be interrupted for non-payment" 

If you receive one of these calls you should contact their Customer Relations Center at 1-800-383-1183. You can also contact the local police. 

For more information about scams, vist www.westarenergy.com/scams

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