Wichita couple wins $1 million Holiday Millionaire Raffle

WICHITA, Kan. - A couple that lives in Wichita won the top prize in the Holiday Millionaire Raffle.

The winner decided to remain anonymous, but the Kansas Lottery reports the Kwik Shop at 37th St N and Maize Rd sold the winning ticket.

“When the clerk scanned the ticket, she asked me to step behind the counter to look at the screen," the winner said. "I thought something was wrong, it never crossed my mind that I maybe won something big!”

The winner said they put the ticket in a fireproof safe and called their financial advisor to start planning their next steps, and they plan to put the majority of the winnings toward their future financial security.

The Kansas Lottery stated 26 prizes are still unclaimed in the 2017 Holiday Millionaire Raffle, including two $100,000 prizes and two $25,000 prizes.

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