Wichita expecting a one percent job increase in 2017

Report from WSU's Economic Research Center

Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and Business Research says Wichita is forecasted to have a one percent increase in jobs this year. 

In 2017, Wichita's total employment is expected to increse by 2,906 jobs, which is about a one percent increase. 

The service sector is forecasted the biggest increase with a 1.7 percent increase, or 2,331 jobs. The trade, transportation, and utilities sector is forecasted a 0.9 percent increase (499 jobs). The production is expected to contract by .01 percent (-58 jobs), and the government is expected to increase by about 134 jobs, 0.3 percent. 

"The Wichita economy continues with the moderate growth is has seen over the past couple of years, fighting at or below its weight class," says CEDBR Director Jeremy Hill. "The global economy and the value of the dollar are putting the regional economy in its place, preventing stronger growth, as seen at the U.S level. Overall, Wichita has taken a lot of jabs in the economic ring, and has shown some fancy boxing footwork. However it has yet to throw any significant blows to improve its economic position" 

You can view the full forecasted report for both Kansas and Wichita at www.outlook.cedbr.org. 

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