Wichita Fire Department investigating rap video incident

Local rapper used fire truck, station for video

WICHITA, Kan. - The Wichita Fire Department is investigating after a local rapper was somehow able to use a fire station and a department fire truck in a music video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube.  KWCH 12 reports that the rapper can be seen at different locations in Wichita, and outside of the fire station.

At one point, he is even seen inside of the fire truck.  Concerns were raised about profanity used in  the song and how that could reflect on the fire department.

The department says they are looking into how that was able to happen and say the video is "not consistent with its mission."  Fire Marshall Stewart Bevis says the department was unable to release more information because the incident involved personnel.

In an interview with KWCH 12 Bevis says, "Unfortunately in this incident and similar, where our facsimile, our vehicles or whatever are utilized in a way, that's not consistent with the mission of the Wichita Fire Department and the City of Wichita. That's very disheartening to us and that's not what we're about and that's not what we want the public to see either." 


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