Wichita firework sales start in one week

WICHITA, Kan. - You can buy fireworks in Wichita starting June 27. 

There was talk of allowing bigger fireworks to be used in the city, but that is not happening this year. Instead, the time that fireworks are allowed to be used is changing. Previously, fireworks could be shot off between 6am and midnight, but this year's timeframe is 10am to midnight. 

The types of fireworks allowed in the city have not changed. Anything that shoots flaming balls, or anything higher than 6-feet is not allowed. 

City officials say police and firefighters will be cracking down on the use of illegal fireworks this year. Mayor Jeff Longwell says unmarked cars will be used patrol and watch for illegal fireworks, and for people shooting fireworks after midnight.

Property owners can also be held responsible for the use of illegal fireworks on their property. 

A ticket for fireworks violations could cost you $250. 

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