Wichita man hospitalized after standoff

WICHITA, Kan. - A Wichita man is hospitalized after a standoff Thursday afternoon, near 14th and Waco. 

Police say the man and his wife were going through a separation, when the man threatened to hurt himself, his wife and kids. The wife and kids were able to safely leave a home, when police arrived in the 400 block of West Avenue C. 

The man remained in the home and talked with negotiators for hours, but police say communication eventually broke down. A SWAT team used some kind of technology and learned the man had seriously hurt himself, cutting his wrists and throat. The team went in and saved the man, and were able to get him to an ambulance. Police would not say what kind of technology was used. 

The man was still hospitalized as of Friday morning. Specific information on his condition was not available. 

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