Wichita to study issues involving tiny homes

Planning staff asked to do some research

WICHITA, Kan - Wichita city council members have agreed to have planning staff look at zoning regulations that could affect tiny homes. 

Council member Pete Meitzner asked for the study after the council voted to approve an annexation last month for a controversial development near 143rd Street East and Harry. 

Meitzner wants staff to look at actions that other cities may be taking, to find out if there are minimum square-foot requirements for single family homes.   He also wants to look at the process for notifying the public when development proposals are to be considered for tiny home communities. 

The council voted unanimously to ask planning staff to do the research.  A report will be presented to the city council and then a decision will be made on whether there should be new requirements that would go through the planning commission and the city council for approval.


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