Zoo orangutan Daisy gives birth to baby girl

Zookeepers caring for new orangutan baby

Wichita - Sedgwick County Zoo is announcing a brand-new arrival.

Sumatran Orangutan Daisy gave birth to a baby girl via C-section Friday morning just after 8:00 a.m. Zookeepers are caring for the baby until Daisy is healed and can take care of the baby on her own.

They are wearing specially-designed shirts that mimic Daisy's long fur. Newborn orangutans are born with the ability to hold themselves to their mothers by clinging to their fur. The shirts zookeepers are wearing have "fur" made of fleece for the baby girl to grab. 

36-year-old Daisy and the new baby girl will remain in their own area for a while to allow the two of them recovery and bonding time. The Sedgwick County Zoo promises to post updates on their Facebook and Instagram during that time.

The baby is yet to be named. 

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