Brett's New Video Is A Love Story In The Making

WATCH: Brett Eldredge "The Long Way"

Prepare to swoon!  Brett Eldredge's new video for his single, "The Long Way," premiered today (10/16) on

I think this song is so special.  It's romantic and sweet. I love Brett's voice.  I could listen to him sing all day.  

The other thing that makes this song so special are the lyrics. It is about getting to know all of somebody.  Where they are from and the story of that person.  I love the line, " I'd love to see just where your daddy met your mama."  That's deeper than just, "tell me a little about yourself." 

It is just a song that every woman would like a guy to say, "that song... that's how I feel about you." Right!?  That would melt my heart.   

Watch the video here!  [Be sure to watch it Full Screen]



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