Meet The Artist: Cam

KFDI Listener Appreciation Show

From the minute she first walked into KFDI, we fell in love. The simple three-letter name is charming yet bold.   
That boldness is evident in nearly every step she takes. Cam makes it a habit to wear eye-catching yellow every time she goes out in public. Her music is filled with strings and acoustic guitar.  
Her first album burst onto Billboard’s top country albums chart at #2 and earned 2015’s best first-week album sales by a debut country artist.  “there’s a lot of work involved in being an artist, and I’m so happy to do it,” she says. “but if I’m going to invest my time in the work part of it, the music just has to be me.”
That wide-ranging artistry is key in cam’s approach. Instead of limiting her choices to make an easily defined product, she’s put faith in the uniqueness of her voice, allowing that to be the defining character of an adventurous musical persona.
Cam was born in the waterfront southern California town of Huntington Beach, she spent big chunks of her youth at her grandparents’ horse ranch. Her grandfather was both a cowboy and an entrepreneur – he started his own business, building wooden office desks – and her parents were similarly non-conformist.
Her father grew up in a military family and had the guts to move out on his own at age 17.  Her mother had an executive position in construction management at a time when those jobs were reserved almost exclusively for men.
For eight years, beginning in fourth grade, cam was part of the Contra Costa Children’s Choir, which sang in 14 different languages. The choir toured internationally, performing in such exotic locations as Canterbury Cathedral in England and the Vatican.
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