Some New Things This Year

KFDI Listener Appreciaition Show

The 2017 Listener Appreciation Show
Presented by Maximum Outdoor Equipment
- Starring -
Hunter Hayes, Cam & Runaway June
Wednesday April 12th at Charles Koch Arena

We are thrilled to share the performers for our Listener Appreciation Show.  When we last saw Hunter perform in Wichita he was with Lady Antebellum in 2015.  He also rocked the Kansas State Fair in 2014.  He’s been a friend of KFDI from the beginning of his career.

We love CAM – that’s all we can say!  From the moment she played for a group of boy scouts in our conference room - to the moment she got a standing ovation after her private performance for listeners at Roxy’s – to the award nominations for “Burning House.”

We are proud to introduce you to Runaway June. These three women have incredible individual stories and together beautiful harmonies. 

There are some new things!

Yes, it is on a Wednesday!  A move made necessary to help keep the show FREE.  You've asked us to stay away from Easter weekend - and with the ACM Awards the first week in April - the weekend options were too narrow.  Plus, there is a lot of competition for weekend dates.  But, Wichita is always on the way to somewhere for an artist!  The weekday thing gives us way more flexibility to put on a show. Remember that Carrie Underwood was here on a Tuesday and Blake on a Thursday.

After last year’s show we sent out a survey and had a tremendous response.  You told us the Listener Appreciation Show is a good thing, but there were a couple of things we could do better.   We found out you wanted more ticket locations and for us to look at the day of show `line’ situation. 

Express Tickets. A few of you suggested you would be willing to pay a modest ticket price so your wouldn't have to track down free tickets and avoid the lines.  For the first time this year we are offering an extremely limited amount of Express Tickets for *$20.00. This guarantees you a seat and helps you avoid the general admission lines.   *Learn more about Express Tickets HERE!

More locations. We’ve doubled the number of FREE ticket locations to give you more options.  Hopefully you’ll find some closer to home or work.  Find the list of ticket locations HERE!  Tickets available while supplies last.

Also this year all tickets have a bar code.  We believe this will speed entry at the door.  It will operate exactly like a WSU basketball game.  You will pass through a security screening followed by a team scanning tickets. (There is a no weapon policy at WSU.  That includes concealed carry and blades on any kind.)

Perhaps the biggest change this year is the elimination of our First Chance Ticket Stop.  Some listeners would camp out for the tickets which created a public safety concern for our partner businesses and law enforcement.  The Early Bird Tickets, which give you early admission to grab floor seats or any other, will now be distributed during several events over the course of a month.   Keep listening to KFDI for more. 

That also means NO WAITING FOR TICKETS!  They are available now during the regular business hours at ticket distribution locations.     Handicap accessible seats will be available March 1st only at KFDI.


Justin A. Case
Operations Manager

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