Can't Top Tiny 6/12/18

Keith from McPherson

Here are today's questions:

  1. President Trump met with the leader of North Korea in an historic summit. What is the first name of North Korea's leader? 
  1. Kim 


  1. The North Korea Summit is all over the news.  True or False, the Eagle Summit was a car found on American roads in the 1990's. 
  1. True 


  1. Kimchi is very popular in the Koreas.  Is Kimchi a TV show, a car or food? 
  1. Food 


  1. After the signing of the historic document, Trump showed Kim Jong Un the inside of the Presidential limo nick named "The Beast".  Spell limousine 
  1. L-I-M-O-U-S-I-N-E 


  1. The DMZ separates North and South Korea.  What does DMZ stand for? 
  1. De-militarized Zone 


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