Can't Top Tiny 6/13/18

Tracy from Hutchinson

Here are today's questions:

  1. There is a new trailer for Tim Burton's remake of the Disney classic "Dumbo".  What kind of animal is Dumbo? 
  1. Elephant 


  1. The world is waiting and watching to see what will happen to the skyscraper climbing racoon that is all over the internet.  Is a racoon a rodent or a mammal? 
  1. Mammal 


  1. The NBA champion Golden State Warriors had their parade yesterday.  What is the regulation height of a basketball hoop? 
  1. 10 feet 


  1. We are all familiar with USB connectors and USB ports.  What does the "U" stand for in USB? 
  1. Universal 


  1. Who painted the late 15th century mural, "The Last Supper" 
  1. Leonardo Da Vinci 


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