Can't Top Tiny 6/26/18

Joseph from Wellington

Here are today's questions:

  1. The original formula for Coca-Cola was created by a Confederate General and it contained wine and Cocaine.  Traditionally, what fruit makes wine? 
  1. Grapes 


  1. 7-11 stores use to be called "Tote'm" before changing their hours to being open from 7am to 11p in 1946 and the new name was born.  What's 7 x 11? 
  1. 77 


  1. Back in the 1940's, breakfast cereal Cheerios was originally known as "CheeriOats" but had to change it's name due to a trademark dispute.  What company makes Cheerios? 
  1. General Mills 


  1. JJ and Tiny are on a road trip and we just visited the Western Wall also known as the "Wailing Wall".   What city are we in?  
  1. Jerusalem  


  1. Did you know Spam was so popular during WWII that "Uncle Sam" earned the nickname "Uncle Spam".  What year did World War II end? 
  1. 1945 


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