Can't Top Tiny 6/6/18

Rosie from Wichita

Here are today's questions:

  1. McDonalds announced that thousands of self-serve kiosks are coming by the end of the year.  What color are the McDonald arches? 
  1. Yellow or "Golden"/Gold 


  1. The CMT Music Awards are tonight hosted by Little Big Town. What does CMT stand for? 
  1. Country Music Television 


  1. IHOP is officially changing their name to IHOB on June 11th.  What does IHOP stand for? 
  1. International House of Pancakes 


  1. Over the last 30 days, Hawaii has had 9,000 earth quakes.  How many quakes is that per day? 
  1. 300 


  1. Charles Henry Gould invented the stapler.  In the movie "Office Space", name the character who was always looking for his stapler.  
  1. Milton 


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