Can't Top Tiny 7/17/18

Cameron from Pretty Prairie

Here are today's questions:

  1. Everyone is still talking about Trumps meeting with Russia's leader yesterday. What is the first name of the leader of Russia? 
  1. Vladimir 


  1. Amazon Prime day continues today and UPS is going to be busy delivering packages.  What does UPS stand for? 
  1. United Parcel Service 


  1. Fort Smith, Arkansas has finally lifted its ban on dancing on Sunday.  Sounds a lot like that movie Footloose.  Name the lead actor in that film. 
  1. Kevin Bacon 


  1. Luke Bryan was born on this day, Thomas Luther Bryan, way back in 1976.  How old is he? 
  1. 42 


  1. JJ and Tiny are on a road trip and we're visiting Machu Picchu.  What country are we in? 
  1. Peru 


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