Can't Top Tiny 12/1/17

Arlie from Wichita

Here are today's questions:

What is the name of the small plastic piece guitar players use to pluck guitar strings? (Pick) 


Who owns Moe's Tavern on the "The Simpsons"? (Moe) 


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Of the planets in our solar system, which one is the farthest from the sun? (Pluto (re-classified as a planet in April of 2017)) 


The first Apple computer was released in 1976.  200 years before that, this important American historical document was signed on July 4th, 1776? (Declaration of Independence) 


Donnie Wahlberg recently left a $1000 tip at a Waffle House in Indiana.  If you were leaving a 15% tip on a 1000 check, how much of a tip would you leave? ($150)


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