Can't Top Tiny 3/21/18

Jill from Wichita

Here are today's questions:

  1. In the MTV cartoon, who was friend and partner to Beavis? 

  1. Butt-head 


  1. At what degree Celsius does water boil? 

  1. 100 degrees Celsius 


  1. Amazon is said to be eyeing some vacant Toys R Us stores to buy them and turn them into Amazon 'brick and mortar' stores. What continent is the Amazon River on? 

  1. South America 


  1. According to the song, in what city was "The House Of The Rising Sun?" 

  1. New Orleans 


  1. It's the first full day of spring today and that means flowers of all colors will soon start to grow.  In the bible, who wore a coat of many colors 

  1. Joseph 

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