Can't Top Tiny 5/8/18

Lori from Wichita

Here are today's questions:

  1. Babe Ruth played what sport 
  1. Baseball 


  1. For 2 nights in a row, JJ has had a dream that he was running for Vice President. Who is the current Vice President of the United States? 
  1. Mike Pence 


  1. In the game of Yahtzee, when do you yell Yahtzee? 
  1. When all 5 dice match 


  1. What does a camel store in its hump or humps? 
  1. Fat 


  1. Mother's Day is Sunday. According to the nursery rhyme, what was the last name of the old mother who went to the cupboard to get the poor dog a bone 
  1. Hubbard


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