Star Spangled Salute: Mike Castaneda

Local disabled Army Veteran Mike Castaneda has been selected as a Top 10 finalist and will be competing at the "Thrilla at the Grilla" grilling competition at the renowned World Food Championships on November 11, 2017 in Orange Beach, Alabama. The "Thrilla at the Grilla" competition, hosted by Grilla Grills, invited past and present first responders, active and reserve military service members, and veterans to submit their signature grilled or smoked dish.

Submissions came in from all over the country and ten were selected by World Food Championship judges. Mike earned his place in the Top 10 with his recipe for Grilled Thai Peanut Steak. He is a 31-year-old disabled Army Veteran.  Mike is a father of two and has been named one of the top ten cooks in America by Food Network. He loves doing anything creative and gets a lot of his inspiration from the American people and the melting pot of cultures and personalities that make this country so great. 

Grilla Grills, the host of the "Thrilla at the Grilla" competition, is a leading manufacturer of pellet grills, smokers and kamado grills. The company was started by two military veterans and the Original Grilla (the OG) grill has a signature design with a lid that opens from side to side vs up and down allowing grillers that are lower to the ground, due to stature or being in a wheelchair, to easily operate the grill. "This competition celebrates those that serve our country alongside a great American past time; smoking and grilling food!" says Mark Graham, VP of Engineering at Grilla Grills and Air Force Veteran. 

CLICK HERE for Mike’s full recipe, along with the complete list of 10 finalists. Also tune into the Grilla Grills Facebook page for live footage of the competition on Saturday, November 11 from 1-4 p.m.

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