The Grossest Food People Love In Every State And I Don't Agree With Kansas

The Grossest Food People Love In Every State recently put together a list that included some of the grossest foods that people love in every state and I have to say that I don't agree with a lot of the list.

For instance, Kansas came in with Bierocks. Seriously? Here's what they had to say about them:

"Pronounced "bee-rock" but best said in the style of an angry old German man attempting to clear his throat, bierocks are also sometimes called "cabbage rolls" because back in the day Germans would find a way to stuff cabbage into anything. These days you'll frequently find them in small Kansas towns heavy on German ancestry. You'll bite into one and notice that the innards kinda resemble cat food (cheese optional!), then probably keep eating because they actually don't taste so bad and are basically the forefather of the Hot Pocket. They're not winning any beauty contests, though."

While they didn't flat out call the gross, they didn't exactly do a good job of selling them, either. That kinda stinks especially when some of the other things on the list were......

  • Akutaq in Alaska.  That's "Eskimo Ice Cream" . . . but not delicious Eskimo Pies.  It's a mix of seal and other animal fats, with berries, and sometimes sugar and milk.
  • New Haven Clam Pie in Connecticut.  That's pizza with clams and white sauce.
  • Lamb fries in Kentucky.  Those are deep-fried lamb testicles.
  • Koolickle in Mississippi.  That's a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid.  WHAT?
  • Cincinnati Chili Five-Way in Ohio.  It's spaghetti with chili instead of red sauce, plus cheese, beans, and onions on top.


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