The Most Influential Super Bowl Ads, EVER

The Most Influential Super Bowl Ads, EVER

When it comes to the Super Bowl, some people watch for the game, but almost as many people watch for the commercials, too. As a NY Jets fan, I often fall into the latter category. Often times those commercials we see become part of history as their concept creeps into our vernacular.  Well, TIME Magazine put together a list of the most influential Super Bowl adds of all time.

Here are the top 5. Let's see if you remember any of these.

#5 - Budweiser - WHASSSSUUUUPPPPPP?!?!?!?

For me, this really became the first commercial to make it's way into our circle's speech. I vividly remember all my friends yelling WHASSSUUUUPPPP when we walked into a room. Good times.

#4 McDonald's - The Showdown


Classic Jordan vs. Bird battle here. Each trying to outdo the other in, what is essentially a game of H-O-R-S-E with a Big Mac the prize. How many of us stood out on the playground mimicking this showdown on the B-Ball court?

#3 Coke - Hey Kid, Catch


The NFL of the late 70's and early 80's was not the same NFL we see today. Players put everything out there and left nothing on the field and one of the most famous players of that era was Mean Joe Green. Clearly his tough persona could only be cracked by the combination of 2 things; kids and Coca Cola

#2 Wendy's - Where's The Beef


What started as a brilliant way to call out their competitors Burger King and McDonald's turned into a phrase to talk about something that totally lacks any substance. And what better way to get you message across than with 3 old ladies?

#1 Apple - 1984


A bit ominous for 1984, but what better way to introduce the Mac, which basically changed the world of computing forever. Still, to this day one of the most infuluential commercials of all time, not just Super Bowl related.

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