Tiny's (Long) Weekend In 9 Pictures

Man, what a weekend! Took a trip to Chicago for a morning radio convention, or as my wife Taryn likes to call it, DJ School. Because she is in Iowa with her mom, I drove to Cedar Rapids on Wednesday to pick her up and then we continued on to Chicago on Thursday morning.

Here are 8 pictures of some cool things I saw this weekend!

I have driven TONS of Interstate in this country, from North to South and East to West, and this stretch of I-35 in Warren County Iowa is, bar far, the most unique. Mostly because the asphalt is red. Yeah, the road is red. It's the only colored section of highway I'VE ever driven. Have you? Shoot me an email if there is another section of road out there like this.

It was 2 long days of panels and speakers and by Friday night we were ready to go out on the town. We took an Uber to go meet some friends of hers from college, since she went to school so close to Chicago, and when we got in the car, it had a VERY strong aroma. Just one quick look up and we knew why. This dude had 8 air fresheners hanging from his mirror. Made me wonder what he was trying to cover up.

Her friends suggested that we all go to a baseball game. Taryn and I had had plans to try to go see the Cubs, but since they are good now, the tickets are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too expensive. I guess only 1%ers like Carol Hughes can afford to go see the Cubs in Chicago. So we chose the next best thing, The Chicago White Sox, who were playing the Cleveland Indians. The Sox won 1-0 in a BARNBURNER.

I know it's cliche, but I can never go to Chicago without getting deep dish pizza. Taryn couldn't wait for me to take the pic before diving in, hence the slice missing.

Did you know Chicago has underground walkways for people to use in the Winter so they don't have to walk outside? I didn't. I have a good radio friend that works in Chicago at WGN. We had lunch and he was telling us about last winter and how he needed to park so far from their new building while their parking garage was being built. I remarked that it had to suck walking that far in the cold, Chicago Winter. He told us about the underground tunnels that people can use to get, basically, from one end of the city to another. There are stores, barber shops, coffee places and more all underground. Wild, right?

We walked down to Millenium Park, home of the famous Bean. There were too many people and I didn't feel like waiting in line to get a better pic.

When we finally checked out of the hotel, we had to pay for parking our car. This was from Thursday morning until Saturday morning and ALMOST as expensive as another night in the hotel. SHEESH!!

On the way back to Kansas I saw this truck on I-80 carrying these tires. I have no idea what they could be tires for or where they were going, but this picture does NOT do them justice as to how big they were.

But one of the best things is coming home and seeing Molly, our little Australian Shepherd. I think she was happy to see me.

Thanks for looking at my blog.


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