Top 10 Luke Bryan Songs

Luke Bryan has had a litany of hits in his career. We were just talking the other day about the last year Luke was an opener and he was on the road with Jason Aldean and since then he has been a rocket ship. The Boot has put together a Top 10 list of Luke Bryan songs. You can see 10-6 here, but here are the Top 5, according to them.  

5. All My Friends Say

This was the song that REALLY kicked off Luke's career. The first single off his debut album.

4. Do I

Luke continued throwing the fire on his second album with this debut where he joined forces with Lady A.

3. Crash My Party

One of my favorite Luke Bryan songs. 

2. I Don't Want This Night To End

Not on MY list of Top 10 for Luke, but I can see why some people would like it. However, #2? Really?

1. Drunk On You

By far my favorite Luke Song, basically ever. Plus, it contains my favorite musical moment. Listen for it at the 3:10 mark on this video

There you have it, the Top 5 of the Top 10 Luke Bryan songs. Check out 10-6 by clicking the link above and if you disagree with any of these, shoot me an email to and let me know.

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