5:00 am to 10 am

After an earnest effort to graduate from college, Tiny decided to leave the frozen tundra of Upstate NY and found himself in South Florida.  It was there Tiny found what he felt is his true calling - morning radio. In August of 2016, Tiny joined JJ Hayes in the morning on KFDI. 

Legend has it that Tiny's nickname originated from his abnormally small pinky toe - others believe it has something to do with his fondness for cheeseburgers and pizzas at 3 am. Actually, he is always fighting the battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As an avid golfer, he shoots par whenever he plays. Even if it’s only 13 or 14 holes. 

He and his wife Taryn have 2 dogs. A miniature Australian Shepherd named Molly and a Papillion named Jet, yes named after the horrible NY football team.   They live in NW Wichita. 


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