On Air


B-Dub is now on Everything Country 101.3 KFDI each weeknight!

B-Dub has tremendous energy and warmth that you can feel as soon as he comes on your radio. Happily married and a proud dog dad of three, B-Dub and his wife, Chelsea, treat life as an adventure every day. B-Dub is usually in his backyard grilling or smoking something on his Traeger Grill. He spends a lot of time at dog parks, and can’t wait to catch some shows when they start rolling through again.

B-Dub hosts “B-Dub Radio Saturday Night,” a nationally syndicated country party show, which airs Saturday nights on KFDI from 7pm to midnight. You can leave a message for B-Dub anytime to be a part of the show at 844-358-2382 (844-358-BDUB).