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Listener Appreciation Show Schedule

Listener Appreciation Show Schedule

Listener Appreciation Show Schedule

LOCASH, Jordan Davis & Matt Stell
Reschedule Date TBD
Charles Koch Arena

Wichita State University
21st & Hillside

4:00   KFDI pre-show and live broadcast sponsored by Tailored Roofing & Remodeling .
5:15   Doors for Handicap Accessible Seating
5:25*  Doors for Early Bird Ticket Holders. (*time is approximate) 
5:35*  Doors for General Admission Ticket Holders.
(Entry after Early Birds. *May be delayed with use of metal detectors 
7:00   Presentation of Colors and National Anthem.
7:10   Matt Stell
7:35*  Jordan Davis (scheduled and subject to change)
8:15*  Intermission
8:45*  LOCASH (time is approximate) 
10:00  Ends by.
10:15 Listener Appreciation Show After Party immediately after the concert at O’Brien’s Irish Pub, 5205 E. Kellogg. Food specials.


Security: Again this year you will pass through metal detectors on entry. You may be asked to return items to your vehicle.  See the “no-nos” section below for prohibited items or the WSU Fan Guide.

Handicap Accessible Seating:  The line forms behind the innermost doors against the wall on the South Entrance of the arena.  Doors will be clearly marked above.  Doors will open at 5:15 for those who require extra time to get to their seating area.

Early Bird Ticket Holders:  Welcome to the Early Bird Corral!  Again this year you will find a sectioned off area in front of the South Entrance doors. Only Early Bird ticket holders are allowed inside. Instead of just a couple of doors, we plan to use all available doors to speed entry.

Express Ticket Holders:  If you have a reserved ticket please use the “Ticket Office” entrance which is just around the corner from the South Entrance.  If you are facing the big Charles Koch Arena sign above the South Entrance, just go around to the right and continue a little farther east.  You will see “Ticket Office” above the doors.  They will scan your ticket there.

General Admission Tickets:  Please queue behind the Early Bird Corral at the South Entrance of the arena. Once the Early Birds are inside, security will allow you to advance to the doors.  Again, all the doors will be open to speed entry.

Floor Seating: There is only one aisle to access the floor when doors first open. This is for security and safety reasons. Immediately turn left when you enter the arena and follow the yellow signs and greeter instructions. Floor seating is limited by fire marshal.

Important Notice: The KFDI Listener Appreciation Show is first come, first seated.  The fire marshal has final say on capacity.  Although we’ve never had to turn anyone away, the possibility of reaching capacity does exist.

NO-NOs:  NO WEAPONS of any kind. This includes conceal carry and any blades. NO BACKPACKS. NO ALCOHOL. NO STROLLERS. NO SMOKING anywhere on campus. Guests are strongly encouraged not to bring a bag of any kind. Bags bigger than 14x14x6 are prohibited. All bags subject to search. No cameras with large lenses. No tablets. No video recorders. No poles or selfie sticks. Wichita State staff reserves the right to prohibit any items they deem inappropriate. Whatever security says – goes!

Smoking:  Charles Koch Arena and Wichita State University are tobacco FREE. While there was a smoking section last year – there is not this year. WSU is now a tobacco-free campus. If you step out to smoke there is no coming back in.  Read the policy HERE. More on a smoke-free WSU.

Food and Drinks:  Charles Koch Arena sells beer and alcohol.  We ask you to remember this is an ALL AGES SHOW.  Please be respectful to other concert goers and drink responsibly. Pepsi products and water will be available for purchase inside the area in addition to snacks.

Restrooms: No restroom access inside the arena until the doors open. Portable facilities will be available outside before doors.

Ear Protection: If you are bringing young ones to the show you may want to consider hearing protection for them.  It may be something to consider for yourself too.   Concerts are loud especially if you are in front of the stage.

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