This weekend we made our traditional trip to South Bend, IN to see the season opener for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The weekend was filled with so much, but here are a few highlights………

I picked up my wife in Cedar Rapids, since she is still with her mom and EVERY TIME we stop for gas this confuses me. I have never heard of Super Unleaded being not only the same octane as 87 Regular, but cheaper? It’s because they’re ‘Super Unleaded” has ethanol in it. Really Iowa?

Ever wanted to know what it is like top walk down the tunnel and out onto the field at a college stadium? Here you go….

ESPN’s College Gameday was in South Bend this weekend for the game. The place was an electric factory, but it was interesting to see all the elements that go into putting that show on every week.

We got to see some good friends that we haven’t seen in a long time during the tailgate. These are some of my wife’s friends from when she went to school there.

On the way back we drove through Davenport, Iowa and HAD to stop at Whitey’s Ice Cream. It is allegedly the ‘Best In The Midwest” or at least that’s what the cup says. Is it? Hard to tell. It was so thick and the straw was so small I had to basically wait until it was fully melted before I could drink any of my shake.

Whenever we go back to Iowa, we MUST get a pizza from this place called Happy Joe’s. This is the ‘Nacho Joe’ where instead of red sauce, they use nacho cheese on the pizza. RI-DICULOUS!!

Hope you had a great long holiday weekend too and thanks for checking out the blog.

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