After a wind farm project was allowed to move forward in Reno County, Sedgwick County Commission chairman David Dennis has asked staff to look into issues that may be involved with any future projects.

Dennis said he attended a meeting of Reno County commissioners on December 4th, when a decision was made to allow a project to move forward near the Reno-Sedgwick County line.  Construction is expected to begin on a wind farm early next year.

Dennis said he has been contacted by Sedgwick County residents with concerns over wind farms.   He found that there are a number of issues involved in wind farms that will involve planning, appraisal, and even health officials.    Dennis said he’s not sure that Sedgwick County is prepared at this time to deal with the issues if a wind farm proposal is submitted.   He said a check with the register of deeds office found three leases that could be potential wind farm projects.

“If that is a possibility in the future, we need to be prepared for it and I’m not certain that we’re prepared for it at this time,” Dennis said.   He sent a memo to county staff with issues he gathered from the Reno County meeting, and staff will make a report to commissioners in the near future.