The city of Wichita is starting a one-year pilot project to install a network of sensors that will detect gunfire and help 911 in sending police officers to trouble scenes.

Mayor Jeff Longwell announced the project Friday in a city hall news conference.  He said the sensors will pinpoint gunfire within a one-square mile area, and the location, time, date, type and direction of the gunfire will be sent to 911 dispatchers who will then send officers to the area.    Longwell said the exact locations of the sensors are not being revealed to make sure the project results aren’t skewed.   He said the locations were chosen based on crime data collected over the past three years and they’re also based on requests from residents in the selected areas.

Mayor Longwell said there will be several phases of the project over the next year and the accuracy of the sensors is expected to improve after each phase.  Wichita is the first city in the world to use this particular system.  The project is being funded by a community safety grant.