The Wichita Fire Department is asking you to keep safety in mind.

Several fires across the city last week resulted in a lot of damage, but there were no injuries.

A fire from February 5, in the 1000 block of East MacArthur, led to $20,000 in damage. Investigators say that fire resulted from candles and an electrical problem in a bathroom. You’re urged to keep from leaving candles burning in a room that you have left.

Another fired from February 5, in the 2100 block of South Crestway, led to $40,000 in damage. Investigators found that fire resulted from overloaded extension cords and power strips. It’s advised that you avoid plugging extension cords and power strips into each-other, to get a longer reach or provide more outlets. You can check a power strip’s rating with the items plugged into it to make sure it’s not being overloaded.

A fire from February 8, in the 1100 block of North Broadway, did about $75,000 in damage to a home. Investigators haven’t determined a cause for that fire yet. According to the owner, the home had been vacant for about six months.