Hit song:  “Prayed For You” went to #1 (Certified Gold)

Latest song: “Everywhere But On” now playing on KFDI

Grand Ole’ Opry debut: April 2019

Fun Fact: Played D2 basketball in college, taught himself to play the guitar, formed a band, and began playing local gigs under the name (Paul Wayne Walker) so his coach wouldn’t know he broke curfew.

It won’t be hard to miss Matt at the 2020 KFDI Listener Appreciation Show either – Matt he’s a 6’7” former collegiate basketball standout from Center Ridge, Arkansas.  After years of chasing “the dream”, Matt took a medical mission trip where he worked with doctors and nurses helping poor patients in dire circumstances.  He was inspired to make a difference, applied for and was accepted to the (post-baccalaureate) pre-medical program at Harvard extension school. He would have to study nine years before he could even see a patient.  So, he had to make a decision. Would it be dreamy doctor, or the stage? He ended up getting a publishing deal and he chose the fork in the road that led to Nashville.

“Prayed for You” has been viewed almost 15 million times on YouTube. It is the song that leads Matt’s Everywhere But On EP – seven self-penned tracks which trace his eclectic identity. “We’ve got songs that cover Saturday night and Sunday morning,” he says with a grin. “I don’t try to separate the different parts of life.”

But it’s with the project’s title track that Stell truly nods to his roots. “Everywhere But On” feels like classic country translated to a modern tongue, all about a guy who’s moved “everywhere but on” to forget an ex.  “I could add another push pin to the map / But that won’t stop me from missing you or looking back.”

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