Something called “The Koala Challenge” is trending online, and it requires two people.  But both of you need to be in pretty good shape to pull it off.  Otherwise, you’ll just ruin your back, break your neck, or both.

Basically, one person just stands there while the other one climbs all over them, like a koala climbing around a tree.  It helps a lot if the ‘koala’ person is petite, and the ‘tree’ person has strong legs.

The ‘koala’ person starts out hanging off the front of you.  Then without touching the ground, they have to climb the whole way around your torso . . . up over your shoulders . . . down your back and through your legs . . . and then end up hanging off the front of you again.

If you want to see it and maybe try it yourself, here is a video showing you all about it. Now, if you need ME I’ll be throwing a pity party about my health and lifestyle choices by burying myself in a pint of Freddy’s Custard from the station freezer……..