Easter means jelly beans! (Actually, it has a way deeper meaning than that) BUT for this, we’re going with Jelly Beans.

Take a good look at this jar. Guess how many jelly beans are in it and you can win Miranda Lambert tickets for her show in October.

To help you out, it’s a standard 16oz mason jar and it’s all jelly beans. I didn’t put a golf ball or anything in the middle to mess you up.

Send your guess, one guess per email address, to tiny@kfdi.com by midnight Sunday, April 21 and put your guess in the subject line. As with life, we are using ‘Price is Right Rules’, so the closest to the actual number without going over will be the winner. If there are multiple correct guesses, I’ll choose a winner at random from all those guesses.

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Here is another pic to help you out: