Carrie Underwood is inviting you to perform with her on stage on the Cry Pretty 360 Tour.  But you won’t be singing.  You’ll be doing the Ludacris rap from “The Champion” . . . while Carrie’s handling the vocals.

If you’re interested, you need to submit a video of yourself doing the entire rap . . . and then fill out some details.  She wants to know who YOUR champion is and why you want to honor them.  Plus, you have to submit photos of that champion. Which leads me to believe that while you are on stage, the video screen behind you will show those pictures you submit.

You’ll also need to let them know which show you’ll be attending, which for us will be the Wichita show. But if you want to go see her in an other city on the tour you can enter for that show.  The details are at

Also, here’s the lyric video of the song so you can learn the words. The rap starts at 2:10…..