Wichita State University has announced plans to reallocate funding and make cuts in the university’s budget in order to construct a new business building and improve campus facilities.

Students voted down a proposed fee increase in March to cover the costs of the projects.   Provost Richard Muma said Friday that the university will begin reallocating funds in fiscal year 2020 to move ahead with the business building and other facility needs.    In a statement he said “The combined reallocations and cuts will generate resources to make an annual bond payment of approximately $1.5 million, needed to raise $20 million dollars, the university’s share of the building cost. Private gifts to the WSU Foundation will cover the remaining $30 million dollars.”

WSU plans to begin construction on a new Barton School of Business in 2020, and it would open in 2021.

The university also plans to begin work in the fall on improvements to the Ablah Library to provide enhanced 24-hour study space and restroom improvements.   Other projects could begin in the summer of 2020, including renovations to biology labs and the creation of psychology and play therapy clinics.

Muma went on to say in the statement, “We know these reallocations and cuts will be hard, as they will be permanent, since the bond payment will run at least 25 years. Many departments and individuals will feel these cuts, but this is the direction we need to take, based on the outcome of the referendum and the university’s need to continue to evolve and grow.”