Every state has their “thing”.  A food stuff that is quintessentially synonymous with that state. Kansas it could be BBQ, it could be the Beirock.  In Maine, other than the lobster, it is the Whoopie Pie.


I grew up in Maine and I’ve had my share of this delicious treat. It is a dessert sandwich with 2 chocolaty, cake buns with a filling of white cream.  This cream is somewhere between whipped cream and Oreo cookie cream (seems to vary depending on who’s making them).


Are they delicious? YES! Are they one of those things that the moment you eat it, you are transported to your childhood or some other happy place? YES! Are they worth going to jail for?  Clearly, it depends on who you ask and how high they are.


In Maine, thieves made off with 120 whoopie pies and bunch of cookies that they stole from the State Fairgrounds.   I’m sure if they follow the trail of crumbs, they’ll find the perps.  More importantly, could this be a sign of things to come for states that have legalized marijuana?  A case of the munchies can be a powerful thing.


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