There is a video going viral of a dad diving over their pool fence to save his 1 year old son after he falls in the pool (the video is below) and it reminded me of when my little brother almost drowned when we were kids.

Growing up we were very fortunate and had a big inground pool. One day my brother and I were outside playing and my mother went in the house to take a phone call from my grandmother. Now, this was the 80’s so it was looooong before cell phones and even cordless phones so she was in the kitchen. I don’t remember the specifics but the next thing I know my little brother, Bro Tom, falls in the pool.

He fell into the deep end and he was having trouble staying above water. Even though we had taken swim lessons I was still young myself so I wasn’t going to be of much help. I remember going to the garage, picking up the phone we had in there and my mom saying she was on the phone. I said, “I know, but Tom fell in the pool”. Next thing I know I hear the bang of the kitchen door flying open and I see my mother dive off the top of the steps and fly through the air like Superman and land in the pool. It was one of those instances where if she tried to do it under normal circumstances she most likely would have landed on the pavement. The speed of her dive took her all the way to him and she lifted him out of the water.

Looking back I can’t help but think about how that day could have gone so much worse. If I would have tried myself to save him I might have fallen in and then BOTH of us possibly wouldn’t be here. Or if when I picked up the phone and my mom said she was on the phone I just said sorry and hung up, I might be an only child today.

I am big proponent of making sure your kids take swim lessons as early as possible and I do honestly believe this instance subconsciously made me this way.