Sedgwick County commissioners have rejected a proposal to ask the city of Derby to turn on one of its water well pumps to ease flooding problems for rural residents in the area.

Commissioner Michael O’Donnell said he and commissioner Jim Howell visited with residents in the area this week and heard about flooding in homes in the area.  He said the problems were made worse by an inch and a half of rain last weekend.   He made a motion to ask Derby to turn on one of its pumps that is still working, and provide up to $10,000 to cover the costs, then review the situation in 60 days.

Other commissioners were unconvinced that the action would work.  Chairman David Dennis said experts have told the commission that turning on the pump won’t fix anything.  He and commissioner Pete Meitzner also were concerned about setting a precedent for other areas of the county that have had flooding problems.   Dennis said this is a problem that needs a long term solution.

Commissioners O’Donnell and Howell were the only yes votes for the proposal, while Dennis, Meitzner and commissioner Lacey Cruse voting no.

The county is continuing talks with Derby about possible solutions and a public meeting is planned for August 8th.