An historic building in Haysville has been added to the Register of Kansas Historic Places and it is being considered for listing on the National Historic Register.

The Vickers Petroleum Station at 140 North Main Street was built in 1954 and it was the first service station in the U.S. to feature the architectural “batwing” design, which was developed by architect John M. Hickman.

When an F4 tornado hit Haysville in May, 1999, the original exterior masonry of the Vickers Station was one of the few structures on the east side of Main Street that were still intact.   After the tornado, the Haysville community was inspired to preserve the building and the interior was remodeled in 2007 to house office space.  It is now the home for the Haysville Chamber of Commerce.

Haysville officials say they’re expecting to hear from the National Register within 60 days on a listing of the Vickers Station.