The Wichita Police officer who fired the fatal shot that killed 28-year-old Andrew Finch during a “Swatting” incident is suing the city of Wichita for lost wages.

The civil lawsuit was filed Thursday against the city.  In the suit, Officer Justin Rapp alleges he missed out on $31,450 in wages from the city and from a part-time off-duty security job.

Rapp was placed on restrictive duty following the December 28, 2017 shooting of Finch, per standard procedure.  In the lawsuit, his attorney alleges he was ordered in January of 2018 to receive medical clearance before he was allowed to return to regular duty.

He received the medical clearance, but remained on restricted duty.   District Attorney Marc Bennett completed his investigation of the shooting in April of 2018 and cleared Rapp of wrongdoing.

In May of 2018, the department’s own internal investigation also cleared Rapp of wrongdoing.  The suit alleges the department then requested Rapp receive another medical clearance before being allowed to return to regular duty.

The suit says the city still would not let him resume regular duty after being cleared again.  Rapp was not allowed to return to regular duty until October.

However, he was not allowed to return to his normal off-duty part-time security position.  He instead was forced to take a lower paying part time off-duty position.

He wasn’t allowed to return to his previous part-time position until April 2.  The suit claims Rapp missed out on $31,450 income due to what amounted as a “de facto” suspension.

The suit says all other means of resolving the issue have been exhausted, forcing Rapp to file suit against the city.

You can read the suit by clicking here.

Our news partners at KWCH 12 contributed to this report