Today’s Star Spangled Salute honors 87-year old Marine veteran Raymond Daughtry Jr. Raymond is a scratch model builder.  Raymond says, “All I have is a plan, no instructions, no list of materials, no sense of direction”.  The end result is a work of art, a replica of a navy vessel that is truly amazing.  Raymond says his wheel house is World War II American and Allied naval vessels.  Over time he’s built nearly 100 models, his most recent, the U.S.S. Arizona took a year and a half to build and recently sold at auction for $15,000.  The money benefited a non-profit in his town.  In fact a lot of his models raise money and spirits for the veterans and seniors in his town. Thank you Raymond for your service.


Raymond Daughtry’s scratch-made model of the U.S.S. Arizona. (credit: CBS2)



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