There’s a delay in a plan to improve six public swimming pools and convert six others into splash pads in Wichita.

The city council has rejected bids for the first phase of the Aquatics Master Plan.  Only one bid was received for improvements to the Aley, McAdams and Orchard swimming pools and two bids were received for splash pads at the Boston, Edgemoor and and Evergreen locations.  Together, they were $1.8 million over the budget for the project.

Park and recreation director Troy Houtman told the council that the problem was with the schedule, in trying to have the work done by the summer of 2020.   Another problem was in getting materials and equipment for the pools and splash pads.

The $18 million plan was approved last June, and it calls for renovations to the Aley, College Hill, Harvest, McAdams, Minisa and Orchard pools. Splash pads will replace the pools for Boston, Edgemoor, Evergreen, Harrison, Linwood and Planeview.

Houtman said staff will take another look at the plan and make changes, and recommendations will be presented to the council in the near future so the city can rebid the project.  He said a pool and a splash pad could be switched between phase one and phase two.