By the Associated Press and KFDI News:

State health officials have created an online resource center to disseminate information about the coronavirus as county-level officials also prepare to respond.

Kansas Department of Health and Human Services secretary Lee Norman said in a news release that the “best thing Kansans can do is be informed.“

So far the state has had no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus, which first emerged in China. In the state’s most populous area, Johnson County has been keeping tabs on people who have recently traveled to countries where “widespread transmission“ is occurring. Mary Beverly, the county health department’s deputy director, assured the public in a news release that the risk in the county is currently low.

Sedgwick County health director Adrienne Byrne told the Wichita city council Tuesday that there is a low risk for coronavirus in the Wichita area.  Click here to view the state website.